The Three Dimensions of Life (Life Cubed)
The Three Dimensions of Life A Fantasy Drama by Gaston D. Cox
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The Three Dimensions of Life written by Gaston D. Cox is a book about love and soul, as well as the past and present. Darius Davis, a gifted musician, has magical power at his fingertips and can play wonderful music. When I was young, I met my destined lover. They were attracted to each other by music, and their souls matched each other perfectly. However, at the time of mutual permission for life, Darius, the protagonist? Davis died suddenly of a rare disease, leaving only a cold grave. Ling Ping, the heroine, lives lonely and lonely until a mysterious person appears and plays the music that she and Darius Davis made love to each other several years ago. It is said that she is coming to a century's covenant.

….. “raised his naked body from the bed and entered the bathroom. A naked young man laid beside him,” . . . . . . 他裸身起床,进入浴室,床上还躺着一名裸体的年轻男子 ….. “the who’s who of the fashion world, she seemed to have gravitated to same-sex relationships,” . . . . . . 时尚界名人的她似乎被同性关系所吸引 …… “Imagine the world’s terrorist was able to live for one hundred years or maybe two hundred years. Imagine a tyrant that threatens all of civilization was able to live to say one, two, maybe even three hundred years. Or imagine a technology that can never grow old or cannot be destroyed. What kind of world would we live in?” . . . . . . . . . 试想一下,世界上的恐怖分子能活一百或者两百年;一个威胁人类文明的暴君能活一百,两百甚至三百年;某种科技永远不会过时或被摧毁。那么,我们是活在一个怎么样的世界? . . . . . “body turned into a sticky-goo and scaly snake-like skin which stuck to the wrapping as they peeled it away.” . . . . . . . ….身体変化成粘呼呼的表皮,长出了蛇狀的鳞,脱落时把裹屍袋卡住了。 . . . . . . “The six men parachuted out the helicopter and steadied their target to land on the roof of the medical and research facility.” . . . . . . 六个人从直升飞机上跳伞下来,将目标稳稳的锁定并降落在医疗研究机构的屋顶上


Gaston D. Cox, a famous American writer, graduated from Irvine University College of Law and now lives in China. He fled the United States and came to China because of his wounds. First, he worked as an English teacher at Qiqihar University, then he transferred to Shanghai because he was not tolerant of the cold. He has been a university professor, legal adviser and medical representative for several years. Although a seven-foot man is a strong man, I have a delicate and sensitive heart. When I came to China, I was inspired and fell in love with writing. I published many books. The words are passionate and popular with many Chinese fans. His representative works include Cries of insanity, Aurea Mediocritas, Silent Wrongs, The Seventh Plague, and Life Cubed.

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