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3D Carousel Theatre
3D Carousel Theatre is a series of wonderful Fairy Tales. All the stories in this series are woven lucidly with exquisite multicoloured illustrations. Each book in this series can be formed into a carousel displaying all six pop-up scenes of the most famous Fairy Tales. This wonderful 3D Carousel just not gives wings to the little learner's creativity but also takes them into a new world. It offers our children and young readers a whole new experience of a unique and immersive three-dimensional journey into the world of fairy tales.
Volumes in this Series:
• Aladdin and the Magic Lamp
• Beauty and the Beast
• Cinderella
• Peter Pan
• Pinocchio
• Sleeping Beauty
• Snow White and the
. Seven Dwarfs
• The Frog Prince
• Three Little pigs
• Thumbelina

Exhibited At: International book fairs