Developing a Healthy Prayer Life

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More About This Title Developing a Healthy Prayer Life


Is your prayer life characterized by such things as sincerity, urgency, and delight? Engagement in prayer is a vital part of our communion with God, making a profound impact on our growth in grace. In this book, you will find thoughtful meditations on prayer in the life of the believer, as well as ample encouragement to cultivate this spiritual discipline in your own life. If you want to be more devoted to prayer, or simply want to assess the health of your prayer life, read this book. It provides both a helpful examination and a needed tonic for those concerned about growing in godliness.

Table of Contents:

Who Should Pray?
Pray in Christ’s Name
Pray Believingly
Pray Privately
Pray Submissively
Pray Humbly
Pray Boldly
Pray Waiting upon God
Pray Intercedingly
Pray Perseveringly
Pray Thankfully
Wrestling in Prayer
Waiting for Answers to Prayer
Pray with Appetite
Pray for Laborers
Pray Watchfully
Pray Sincerely
Pray by the Spirit
Pray and Work
Pray Reverently
Pray Fervently
Pray Constantly
Pray Dependently
Unfulfilled Prayer
Lust-Driven Prayer
Pray Openly and Unworthily
Pray against besetting Sins
Pray for Contentment
Pray with Scripture
Pray Thoughtfully
To Those Who Cannot Pray
Appendix: 31 Marks of True Prayer