Know Your Love
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"Robert A. Polimeni draws on his personal and professional experiences to share a message of self-empowerment in this collection of inspirational messages for everyone.

His passion for appreciating and loving life will push you to achieve inner peace, embrace life?s challenges, and enjoy the freeness of spiritual wellness.

He also offers an in-depth, motivational understanding of self-reflection and tips on truly loving oneself?and ways to share that love with others. Learn to ask questions like the following:

How can I maintain faith to carry out the dreams in my heart?
How can I overcome negative thoughts?
How can you put into action simple, healthy strategies to accomplish personal goals?

Know Your Love will energize you to live out your dreams as you come to know yourself, find your purpose, and discover your talents.

?Anyone who has realized happiness can only be found within oneself will treasure these writings full of positive words to soothe and encourage the soul. Robert will deeply inspire you with the light and beauty of his authentic heart.?
?Roxana Jones, best-selling author, life coach, and energy healer"

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