KS3 English Complete Coursebook

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Level: KS3Subject: EnglishLetts Revision improves exam confidenceMatched to the requirements of the National Curriculum, this complete coursebook prepares students for Key Stage 3 English with confidence. The variety of activity types ensures every student stays motivated throughout their revision to help them achieve the best results.• Lively magazine-style layout communicates all the essential information in an accessible way.• Plenty of practice questions reinforce understanding and improve performance.• Hands-on activities for every topic provide a more varied revision approach.• Free audio tracks talk learners through all the key points in the revision guide. Download from lettsrevision.co.uk/ks3.Revision Guides: Simple and concise explanations of every topic are explored through different activity types.Workbooks: A mixture of question styles help children can get closer to a ‘real’ test experience.Practice Test Papers: Test-style questions test understanding and improve performance.