Alice Falls Again
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"""Everyone has to take a leap of faith at some point in their life,"" shouted Alice over her shoulder as she jumped out of the train window and into the cold mist.

Alice is torn between staying at home to tend to her sick father and moving to London to study at college. Her mind is more on pills and packing than distant memories of Wonderland. So to be catapulted back to a dystopian world where everything is the complete opposite of her orderly life is the last thing she expects. Or needs.

Alice is smarter and savvier this time around. Which is just as well, as Wonderland bears little resemblance to its former self. Animals are forbidden to talk, the townsfolk live in fear of a tyrant and the weather?s all mixed up. Could a Jabberwocky be behind it all? One thing hasn?t changed; Alice?s curiosity and attitude might just be the death of her if she can?t find her way back.

Alice in Wonderland meets The Twilight Zone. Propelled forward by a tapestry of gritty word-play and the dark origins of our favourite nursery rhymes, DJ Stoneham?s debut fantasy novel will thrill younger and older adults alike."

Exhibited At: International book fairs