10 Minute Beauty Hacks
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Looking for some extra sleep in the morning? 10 Minute Beauty Hacks is for you. From college students to working moms, these hacks will help you look fabulous in no time. 10 Minute Beauty Hacks will show you how to look professional and great all day long – and get you out the door on time. We’ve thrown in a few hacks for your nighttime adventures too. We’ve got fast, fun, and innovative solutions to keep your face looking and feeling its best in as little time as possible. Hacks like using cold spoons to reduce puffiness, using coconut oil as makeup remover, blotting a shiny nose with a paper toilet cover, rubbing fabric softener sheets to get that bar smell out of your hair, heating your eyelash curler, using Vaseline as mascara, or using baby oil to get shine in your hair. These shortcuts will let you hit the snooze button one more time with no guilt at all.


Maria is a contributor for Mango Media. She is a Trekkie who loves comics, video games, and the oxford comma.


Chapter 1: Face and Lips

• Morning Skin

• Looking Awake

• One Product Makeover

• Quick Contouring

• Luscious Lips

• De-Clutter Your Products

Chapter 2: Eyes

• Simple Eye Looks

• Perfect Lines

• Better Lashes

• Eye Shadow Tricks

• Excellent Eyebrows

Chapter 3: Nails

• Last-Minute Manicure

• Making Manicures Last

• Nail Techniques

• Fast Nail Designs

Chapter 4: Hair

• Quick Morning Hair

• Dirty Hair Tricks

• Hiding Roots

• Fast Styles

Chapter 5: Complete Morning Looks

• 2-Minute Make-up

• 3-Minute Everyday Look

• 5-Minute Natural Look

• 5-Minutes, 5 Products

• 10-Minutes to Glam