Ashes to Strength
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"On August 15, 1965, the life of Nils Henrik Ellefsrud is forever changed when two police officers show up at his door with bad news. His cabin on Patricia Lake in Alberta, Canada, has exploded and burned down, two people are missing, and the only survivor is his daughter, TJ. A short time later as he sits by his daughter?s hospital bed, Nils has no idea what has happened to his wife and TJ?s nine-year-old twin brother.

As Nils vacillates between his harsh new reality and his memories, he reflects on a time when he traveled to America to bring his long-time boyhood dream to reality and fulfill his wanderlust. While his recollections prompt him to question whether there is a connection between a strange conversation he once heard in New York and the current tragedy, Nils is led down a dark journey to what he hopes is the truth. But will he find the answers he so desperately needs before his time on Earth ends?

Ashes to Strength shares the thrilling tale of a Norwegian man?s life as he becomes intertwined with the mayhem with the Yukon and faces a great tragedy that leaves him with more questions than answers."

Exhibited At: International book fairs