Things I Wish I Knew Before My Mom Died
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#1 Amazon Best Seller ─ Coping With Loss

The grieving process: Ty Alexander of Gorgeous in Grey is one of the top bloggers today. She has a tremendous personal connection with her readers. This is never more apparent than when she speaks about her mother. The pain of loss is universal. Yet, we all grieve differently. For Alexander, the grieving process is one that she lives with day-to-day. Learning from her pain, Alexander connects with her readers on a deeply emotional level in her debut book, Things I Wish I Knew before My Mom Died: Coping with Loss Every Day. From grief counseling to sharing insightful true stories, Alexander offers comfort, reassurance, and hope in the face of sorrow.

Coping with loss: In her early 20’s reality smacked Ty in the face. She was ill equipped to deal with the emotional and intellectual rollercoaster of dealing with her mom’s illness. Through her own trial and error, she found a way to be a caregiver, patient advocate, researcher, and a grieving daughter. She wrote Things I Wish I Knew before My Mom Died: Coping with Loss Every Day to help others find the “best” way to cope and move on, however one personally decides what that means.

Mourning and remembrance: In the chapters of this soul-touching book, mourners will find meaning and wisdom in grieving and the love that will always remain. Each chapter is a study and lesson in coping with loss:

  • Chapter 1: We’ve been duped, everyone dies!
  • Chapter 2: The truth about my moderately dysfunctional family
  • Chapter 3: The Art Of Losing
  • Chapter 4: The how of grieving
  • Chapter 5: How to be obsessively grateful
  • Chapter 6: Dear Mama


Known for her beauty and lifestyle savvy, but adored because of her gorgeous grey tresses, Ty Alexander is an expert online beauty and lifestyle editor, social media consultant and style and beauty TV correspondent.

Ty started her impressive editorial career as the style and beauty editor of, building the section from occasional stylish musings to an authority in all things beautiful with her bare, manicured hands. Armed with extensive knowledge, compassion for women of color and the kind of sass that instantly made her your BFF, Ty’s work with this top women’s site has allowed her dedicated readers to face their days with grace, and of course style.

Her killer personality shines through every style guide, HuffPost Live, “The Today Show” and “Dr. Oz” appearance. Ty has established herself as a trendsetter in the media, boasting over 11k Twitter followers, over 8k on Instagram and over 5k on Facebook.

Featured and/or dubbed “Top Blogger” on CNN Living, NY Daily News, Essence, Redbook, Ebony, Huffington Post, Black Enterprise, BUST Magazine, Hype Hair and more for everything from expert beauty tips to the sheer lust over her stunning grey mane. Ty has easily become a trusted voice and powerful influencer for beauty and lifestyle. She’s built her personal brand, Gorgeous In Grey from a personal blog to a lifestyle site with over 100k page views per month, offering the best in fashion, beauty, fitness, health, celebrity and lifestyle.


Introduction/Personal Note:

A short 300-900 word intro on me and why I am writing this book.

Chapter 1:

We’ve been duped, everyone dies!

• Why you should shamelessly love hard

• The grenade life threw at me; Goodbye Mom

• How we react to death is a reflection of how selfish we are

Chapter 2:

The truth about my moderately dysfunctional family

• Why broken isn’t a bad thing

• Revelations in a hospice room; Unabashedly accepting family secrets

• Why I shut my family out and how it’s affected me

Chapter 3:

The Art Of Losing

• Grief vs nothing; I will take grief

• Don’t let the guilt suffocate you

• The emotional battle of documenting death

Chapter 4:

The how of grieving

• Good grief: What are the five stages of grief and how long do they last

• When the loss sinks in: Coping with grief and understanding your "new normal"

• The XX things no one wants to hear when they are grieving

• Where to go for help; A guide of grief resources

Chapter 5:

How to be obsessively grateful

• How gratitude helps grief

• The power of your words and how to develop an attitude of gratitude

• How to create routines to grieve healthy and finding strength in unexpected places

• The power of your faith

Chapter 6:

Dear Mama

• All the things I never told my mom

• All the things every mother should tell her daughter


“Ty’s book isn’t just self-help; it’s a mix - memoir, detailing her personal experience with the loss of her beloved motherand an inspirational guide on how to battle through. Ty’s not telling you how to grieve. She’s offering up her truth and if a piece of it hits home for you, she’s inviting you to take it and run.” -Tia Williams, author of The Perfect Find“I wish I had read this before I lost my mom a few years ago and a dear friend soon after, both to cancer. Ty Alexander takes you through every phase, from diagnosis to despair to a place of gratitude. Ty's book is an essential companion for your journey through the loss of a loved one." – Nina Lesowitz, author of Living Life as a Thank You