The High School Survival Guide
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How to Study! ─ Do you want to develop great study skills, learn how to study smarter, and reach your full potential as a student?

How to study: “We are always told to study for exams and assignments but I can't remember a time when I was instructed on how to study!”

Study tips: Jessica Holsman of YouTube’s Study With Jess and Nickelodeon’s AwesomenessTV is changing the way teens feel about school. In her debut book, The High School Survival Guide, Holsman shares exclusive study tips and tricks to help you with how to get better grades! You will learn good study habits and tips, including:

  • How to get better grades
  • How to study better
  • How to study for a test
  • How to be a better student
  • How to study smarter

High School Survival Guide: Beyond the classroom, Holsman, who has a degree in Psychology, helps you understand your social skills as you grow from a Freshman to a Senior. From your first year orientation to applying for college and graduation, Holsman provides the best study tips and tricks to help you stay organized, write assignments, complete exams, manage stress and live a well-balanced life! Maximize your full potential, ace your next test, and become an A+ student!


Jessica Holsman, AKA Study With Jess, is one of the growing starts on YouTube. With millions of viewers flocking to her channel, Holsman has established herself as the voice of students online. Offering up detailed and creative ways of studying, Holsman connects with her audience at a personal level which has allowed her to help students across the globe increase their grades, develop better social skills and enjoy high school.



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Welcome (My personal message to the reader)

CH 1: Getting Ready for a New School Year

Making sure you have the essentials

Getting a head start on your readings

Preparing your workspace for a new year

My top 5 tips for preparing for a new school year

CH 2: School Spirit

The benefits of extra-curricular activities

Getting involved in school activities

My top 5 tips for unleashing your school spirit

CH 3: Making New Friends

Friendships and support Systems

How to make new friends

Fitting in: How to deal with peer pressure

How to deal with bullies

My top 5 tips for making friends

CH 4: The Ideal Study Environment

Deciding where to study

How to create a productive study space

How to keep a tidy desk

My top 5 tips for keeping a tidy workspace

CH 5: Structuring Your Study Sessions

Finding the right time to study

Breaking up your study sessions

How to prioritize like a pro

How to wind up your study sessions

My top 5 tips for completing homework

CH 5: Getting into the ‘Study Zone’

Choosing the right tasks

Deciding on the best study technique

Using friends as a motivator

My top 5 tips for finding your study zone

CH 6: Goal Setting

The benefits of goal setting

Setting yourself long-term goals

Setting yourself short-term goals

My top 5 tips for setting goals

CH 7: Staying Focused in Class

Dealing with distractions

Staying up to date

The common causes of losing focus

My top 5 tips for staying focused in class

CH 8: How to be an Organized Student

Using a planner for school

How to organize handouts and class notes

Organizing your belongings

My top 5 tips for staying organized

CH 9: How to Catch Up in Class

Falling behind in classwork

How to catch up

Asking for help

My top 5 tips for catching up on classwork

CH 10: Writing Weekly Summaries

The benefits of writing weekly summaries

How to set out your weekly summaries

My top 5 tips for writing weekly summaries

CH 11: Dealing with Disappointment

Learning from your mistakes

Using feedback correctly

My top 5 tips for using feedback correctly

CH 12: How to have a Positive Mindset

The importance of positive thinking

Having a positive mindset

3 Easy ways to change your perspective

My top 5 tips for staying positive

CH 14: Tackling Major Assignments

Planning your approach

Essay writing

Class presentations

Group projects

My top 5 tips for completing assignments

CH 15: Studying for Finals

Planning your study approach

Study SMART not hard

The 4 learning styles

How to throw a study party!

My top 5 tips for studying for exams

CH 16: Study Stress and Anxiety

Feeling stressed

What is stress?

How to manage stress and anxiety

My top 5 tips for dealing with stress

CH 17: The Week of the Exam

What to do the week of finals

How to enhance your performance in an exam

How to deal with exam anxiety

My top 5 tips for completing exams

CH 18: The Next Step…

Your big picture goal

Deciding a career pathway

Creating a career plan

Considering a gap year

Your education is a journey…


"This book is everything I wish I knew when I was in high school - told to me by the mentor I wish I had! Every student should be armed with Jess's guide." - Pritish Agarwal - Partner Manager, YouTube.“High School Survival Guide teaches you how to survive both school and life! The emphasis on passion, organization, balance and discipline are themes throughout the book, but also the TRUE keys to success in life. Jessica's passion for education and self- growth are evident as she recalls her academic experiences and battles to overcome the pressure to succeed." – Lenoria Addison, Partner Manager, AwesomenessTV"High School is an amazing and challenging period of every teenager's life. Jess shares a mature, inspirational and accessible survival guide for every teenager trying to navigate these exciting times. Highly recommended!" - Guillaume Deront, Online Partnership Manager, YouTube AUNZ