The Restaurant Diet
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Restaurant Diet Plan

The ultimate guide for people who want to dine out guilt-free! The Restaurant Diet, offers a diet plan that takes the pressure off of dieters who love to eat out. The Restaurant Diet is also a cookbook, featuring 125 mouthwatering recipes from 100 critically acclaimed restaurants from coast to coast, all with nutritional facts. In The Restaurant Diet, author Fred Bollaci, who lost 150 pounds (from 330):

  • Teaches readers how to read a menu
  • Explains how to ask important questions of the restaurant staff
  • Gives guidance on how to have food customized to your dietary needs
  • Provides insights into converting this into healthy eating at home

Eat out to your heart's content and not be overweight: As Fred teaches readers how to eat out and lose weight, he reveals the real secret: It’s not about preparing “clean” food at home, or going “whole” and excluding wheat, sugar, and dairy. Nor is it about counting calories or grams. It’s about WHY one overeats in the first place. Fred reveals his story of growing up in an Italian family, and how his parents’ divorce led to his eating compulsions. He tried every fad diet, but Fred was searching for a lasting solution. With the help of his doctor, a nutritionist, a trainer, and a psychologist, he was able to devise a four-phase diet and exercise plan. Fred proves that if he can do it, anyone can. He has kept the weight off for six years, running four marathons ― he looks great, feels great, and can enjoy great food and drink wherever he is.

Guilt-free restaurant dining: Featuring recipes from America’s most noted restaurant chefs, as well as original recipes from Fred’s own kitchen, The Restaurant Diet is for the 19 million Americans who love to eat out on a regular basis ― and the 38% who are overweight.


Fred Bollaci is an entrepreneur, world traveler, sommelier, and international healthy gourmet lifestyle, food, wine, travel, and fitness expert who has enjoyed the gourmet lifestyle since childhood. Fred grew up on Long Island and currently resides in Delray Beach, Florida. He has spent numerous summers traveling extensively throughout Italy and Europe.

An attorney concentrating on trusts and estates, foundations, partnerships, real estate, elder law, and other business matters, Fred has a law practice that services Florida’s Gold Coast (Boca Raton/Palm Beach/Ft. Lauderdale/Miami) and Gulf Coast (Sarasota, Naples and Greater Tampa Bay). Fred is a frequent guest motivational speaker and is available for speaking engagements for private groups as well as organizations, and is available for personalized consultations, in-person or via phone or Skype.

Since the spring of 2015, Fred has been a columnist for the quarterly Appetite and writes about his Golden Palate lifestyle for the luxury lifestyle contemporary arts and culture magazine VENU.


“As a long-time food and wine writer, as well as lawyer and vintner, I have spent over 20 years

studying health and nutrition with some of the country’s best academics, nutritionists,

and chefs. I know of no other book that offers its readers the opportunity to learn how to

remain healthy without giving up the pleasure that dining out brings. Fred’s book is a

smorgasbord of sweet suggestions.”

~ Monty Preiser, Publisher of The Preiser Key to Napa and Sonoma and Shadowbox Cellars,

Co-Founder of The American Fine Wine Competition, Veteran Food & Wine Writer

"Thank you, Fred, for telling the world that restaurants and their chefs want nothing

more than to make their customers happy! This is an excellent guide for everyone

who enjoys dining out."

~ Amy Chamberlain, Chef/Owner, The Perfect Wife Restaurant and Tavern, #1 VT Chef

"Es Maravilloso. I have had the privilege of experiencing one of these unforgettable, easy to implement, restaurant luncheons with Fred. If you’re someone that is always on the move and

eats out at restaurants a lot, or someone that wants to learn new ways of healthier eating

without the sacrifice of foods we all love, this is a must read!"

~ Cemi Guzman, Hollywood Producer of "Hold On," Actor and Model“Fred Bollaci’s The Restaurant Diet with its smart educated choices will revolutionize the world of dieting. As a chef and restaurant owner, I am excited to be part of this game changing book and way of life where fine-dining restaurants are a conscious dieter’s friend.”

--Gabriel Kreuther, Executive Chef, Owner Michelin Starred Restaurants, James Beard award-winner