Life Styling
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An inspirational fashion book for the everyday woman

Fans of the style lessons of The Curated Closet and Lessons from Madame Chic and the can-do motivation of Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis, will love Life Styling.

For women who happen to be mums. Whether you had a sense of style and lost it or never really took the time to think about what you like to wear, this is the book for you.

Style basics and minimalism for beginners: Life Styling: Simple Steps for Mums to Find your Style & Confidence will help you pack your perfectly organized bags and take you on a journey from the very basics to the dream minimalist capsule wardrobe. It will also help you navigate the social media obsessed landscape of personal style along the way.

Style, self-esteem and positive thinking in an Instagram world: Learn about the pros and cons of living in this “Insta” world and how it’s affected not only the way that we dress but our expectations and how we feel about ourselves. Discover the importance of underwear and a good pair of jeans and why you should be super excited that leggings are ‘back’. Life Styling will help you learn your ‘colors’, what styles will flatter your shape and lifestyle and how to save money by shopping smarter and making the clothes you already own work a little harder.

Capture your style and own it: Wherever you are in your style evolution it’s important to recognize who you are. Identifying what makes you happy when you open your closet doors is a step in the right direction. Life Styling will help you do just that.

A personal style self-help book for women and mums


Mikhila Mcdaid is 32 year old UK blogger, wife and Mum of 2.
She had her daughter when she was 19 (the undiscovered Teen Mom MTV didn’t know they always wanted) and so has grown up conflicted between being young and fun and being responsible. She’s also never quite found her own personal style as a result. Having dabbled with (what other Mums at school whispered was) ‘Midlife Crisis’ hair and alternative fashion in the past she’s finally found a balance between Boring Mum and Embarrassing - her daughters words.


“I’ve been a fan of Mikhila’s writing for so long and it feels like such a treat to have so much of her witty, warm wisdom gathered in an actual book. There are so many style guides out there and most of them give me an anxiety attack. This book is like a helping hand from a caring friend, here to make your life easier not make you feel less than. I loved every word.”
—Lindsey Kelk, bestselling author of Always the Bridesmaid