The Tears of Suicide: A Complete Guide to Overcome Suicide
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More About This Title The Tears of Suicide: A Complete Guide to Overcome Suicide


You are about to read a wonderful book that will transform your life in a hasty manner. About one person in 5000 -15000 dies by suicide every year (about 1.4%), with a reported world rate of 10.7 per 100000 population. In Western countries, male and female rates is high, compared to the rest of the world. About 30% of global suicides are because of self-poisoning, most of which occur in rural areas in low and middle-income countries comprising about 80% world population. You're thinking about committing a deathly act. It will never change your life but be adding wounds to your problems. Life is about endurance, courage, empowerment, opportunities etc. Suicide is for evil. When they're killing their self, will there come back to life? will there make Heaven? Will you have a rest at the Otherworld? I believe hope is a necessity for the normal life and the major weapon against the suicide impulse. You need to add this to your bookshelf. Time waits for no one, but you only wait for a time. You need to read this wonderful boon to get out of your present condition. Get a copy to reform your mind.