Mediterranean Living
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After eight years during which Liat Hadas wrote and took photographs for her blog, she published a book that contains eleven houses that she planned and designed. This book includes a comprehensive view of Mediterranean lifestyle, with a deep attachment to the location, climate, history and culture. In it are beautiful houses, interesting people, good food and joy de vivre.
The book is organized according to the year’s seasons, where in each chapter are texts, photographs and contents that relate to life at home and the garden during the season.
The book enables Liat to share both her world view as a creator and designer, and to pass on the lifestyle which she also provides her clients, as a personal and vivid experience.
The book hosts an impressive cast of designers whose DNA is derived from the same source of inspiration. A dream team of four chefs that in each chapter cooked a seasonal, colorful and tasty meal and shared the recipes and their connection to Mediterranean lifestyle. Accompanying them is an artistic baker who fills the home with the scent of yeast and cinnamon. There is also an illustrator who is a gardener and is responsible for the illustrations in the book, as well as a lifestyle guru who hosted a session on collections and collecting at her home.


4 First-Person Prologue
6 Mediterranean Living
8 Home- The Physical House & emotional home

18 Awakening the Senses
22 A Slice of the Country in the Middle of the City
A House Surrounded by Greenery
40 The Lioness and the Wardrobe
44 Setting a Spring Table
46 A White City
A New Apartment in an Old Bauhaus Building
60 An Harmony of Contradictions
A House Filled with Light and Color
76 Spring Cooking with Miri Haber
84 Spring in the Garden

92 A Window to the Mediterranean sea
A House echoing Nature
106 Don’t Underestimate the Heatwave
110 In a Never Ending Vacation
An Apartment on the Coast
122 Life in Slow Motion
126 Good Things Come in Small Packages
An Apartment Larger than the Sum of its Parts
134 Summer Cooking with Avner Laskin
142 Summer in the Garden
149 Inspiration Board for the New Year
150 Reborn
A Home that Grows with its Owners
168 Hosting Outside the Living Room
172 Elegant yet Nonchalant
A House with Space for Every Dream
192 Bohemian Urbanism
An Eclectic and Creative House
206 Autumn Cooking with Michal Koren
214 Autumn in the Garden

222 A Window to the Soul
224 Between Spirit and Matter
An Apartment Reflecting A Culture
242 Of Collections and Collectors
246 Visiting the Treasure Curator
250 The Perfect Mug
251 Winter Baking with Shay Golan
254 Meticulous and Shy
A Hidden House in the Country
272 Of Lights and Lamps
274 A Winter Flowers’ Bouquet
278 Winter Cooking with Irit Biran
286 Winter in the Garden

289 Ilana Stein – Illustrating Nature
290 Inspiration is Everywhere
292 Seizing the Moment
294 Artisans
294 Craftsmen
296 Suppliers and Professionals Index