The Adventures of Vince the Cat
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More About This Title The Adventures of Vince the Cat


This first story takes you on the journey of a little kitten called Vince, how he met a little girl who would become his lifelong friend. In their first adventure they make some wonderful new friends, visit some famous and beautiful sites and start to learn one of the most beautiful languages in the world.


Heidi Bryant was born and lives in Kent. She went to Fort Pitt Grammar School where she discovered her love of languages where she learnt French, German and Spanish. Heidi furthered her studies at the Open University where she graduated with an honour's degree in Modern Languages (French and Spanish). Not satisfied with just the one degree, she then decided to undertake a Master's Degree in Translation at London Metropolitan University. Heidi focused on her two favourite languages French and Spanish. She qualified to be a translator and has translated many documents on numerous subjects and has recently translated a book about Ibiza - which is due out soon. Called Living in Another World Heidi had her first idea about The Adventures of Vince the Cat when she sadly lost her beloved cat Mikki to old age in summer 2018. Heidi was devastated and so in order to keep her memories of her beautiful cats she has owned in her life and still owns now - she decided to start writing adventure stories with the cats as the main characters. As a child Heidi always loved reading and one of her favourite books that she read time and time again - was a little story book called `The Lonely House'. She also read all of the Roald Dahl books as well as the series `Gobbolino the Witch's cat'. She has travelled extensively throughout the world during her life (without the cats!), has met many amazing people and visited many amazing places. And so, finally in summer 2018 Heidi decided to combine her love of cats with her passion for languages and travel by writing the stories that she has now started to create for children. Heidi's real desire is that children will love reading these stories time and time again. But mostly she would like to be able to inspire children to want to learn about the wonderful world in which we live, understand more about the languages, cultures and customs from other countries and to be able to see the world through the beautiful illustrations that are contained within these books.


Section 1 - Vince Goes to Paris
Section 2 - French Words & Phrases
Section 3 - The Author


"Purrfect!"; - A beautifully written and illustrated children's story book. Whiskering you away to a world of adventure, travel, furry friends and new languages to learn! A must buy for a goodnight story as sleepy eyes close on the adventures of Vince for another day. More places, more adventures and more learning please...Purrfect! by Robin Terry;

"Brilliant"; - I have purchased the e-version of this book and think it is a delightful story, combining beautiful illustrations with a story that is educational and will hopefully sew the seed in children to learn another language and find out more about another country. I look forward to receiving the hardback version and indeed future stories in this series. By Jacqueline Hughes;

"The Adventures of Vince the Cat: Vince Goes to Paris"; - Nice... well put together. In time for Xmas presents !!! by Henry Dafiewhare ;

"Magnifique!"; - Super entertaining yet instructive book! I loved reading it with my nephews, and finally have a nice story with a learning touch. They are looking forward to the next one! by Sofia Pedon;

"Delightful read"; Such a wonderful book. Beautifully illustrated and educational. Wonder where the next adventure will be? by A Mann;

"An enchanting tale"; An enchanting tale of a girl and her kitten's growing love for each other, and their voyage of discovery. Beautifully illustrated throughout, this is not just a story but is cleverly educational too. I look forward to Heidi and Vince's next continental adventure together. by Helen Robbins;

"Fun and entertaining read!"; My five year old and I really enjoyed this book, a fun, entertaining and educational read which is well illustrated and well written - highly recommended and we are now looking forward to other books in the series! by David Jenner

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