Pain-Free Networking For Introverts
New Title Brings Confidence To Introverts
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You know how networking can be really difficult and nerve-wracking for introverts?
Well it doesn’t have to be!

I’m an introvert myself and have spent 20 years finding out how to take the pain out of networking.
This book shares strategies to help introverts discover their networking superpowers and learn what to do step-by-step so we can ENJOY networking and the many opportunities it brings.


On meeting me, many people assume that I’m an extravert as I appear so at ease in groups of people.

I am however, proudly and happily an introvert and acknowledge that it is some of my introvert traits that are my most valuable assets in making real and meaningful connections with people.

And while people now comment on how confident I seem in meeting new people and initiating conversations - I assure you – it hasn’t always been this way!

My first networking experiences were nerve-racking to say the least.

I remember the fears I had -

Worries about whether anyone would talk to me (and the humiliation I would feel if that happened)
Concern that I wouldn’t fit in (and the last thing I wanted to do was feel left out)
Lack of confidence

So I worked out strategies – easy things I could do to reduce and eventually REMOVE all the PAIN of networking and MAXIMISE the REWARDS.

I want to share them with you so you don’t have to go through the same struggles that I did.

Extract from "Pain-free Networking for Introverts" by Sally Eberhardt


Dedication. . vii
Preface. . ix
Introduction. . xi
Foreword . xiii
Disclaimer. . xv
Chapter 1: Before we start ... where are we starting from? . 1
Self-evaluation quiz . 1
How to use this book. . 6
Commitment. . 8
Chapter 2: So you think you are an introvert. . 9
My story. . 9
What is an introvert?. . 11
Signs that you are an introvert. . 13
The balancing trick of ambiverts. . 21
Chapter 3: Networking is about connecting. . 27
What is ‘networking’?. . 27
WHY network?. . 29
Networking is about giving. . 32
Chapter 4: Introverts and Networking. . 39
Eight traits of a great networker. . 40
Advantages of being an introvert when it comes
to being a GREAT networker. . 42
Chapter 5: If you are shy. . 49
Managing shyness. . 53
Chapter 6: Finding the right place to network. . 61
Benefits of joining a service organization. . 75
Local Networking Opportunities. . 76
Australian clubs and associations specifically for women. . 78
Do your research. . 81
Chapter 7: What to do before you network. . 87
Mindset. . 88
Physicality – the connection between body and emotions. . 90
Managing expectations. . 92
Prepare before you go. . 93
Chapter 8: What to do at a networking event. . 101
Tips for overcoming nerves. . 101
How to feel like you belong there. . 105
Who to talk to. . 108
How to meet people. . 111
Introducing yourself. . 113
Chapter 9: Self-care for introverts. . 117
Self-Awareness. . 119
Realize the power of your mind. . 121
Protecting your energy. . 122
How to escape energy-vampires. . 125
Chapter 10: Conversing to connect. . 131
Listening to understand. . 132
What questions to ask. . 136
How to answer questions. . 138
Exchanging contact details. . 140
Chapter 11: What to do after you meet someone. . 145
Say Thank You ... Who, Why and How. . 147
Staying in touch. . 149
Building relationships. . 150
Chapter 12: Online Networking . 157
Social Media. . 157
Tips for success on social media. . 160
Facebook for networking. . 162
LinkedIn for networking. . 163
Other social media platforms. . 166
Customer Relationship Management (CRM). . 171
Where are you now? Revisiting the self-evaluation quiz. . 173
Bibliography. . 181


“Sally’s insight into networking for introverts is straight from the heart and proves that we can all achieve what she has achieved - pain-free networking. This book should be on every networkers ‘must-read’ list, regardless of where they are on the Introvert/Extravert spectrum.
The easy to follow, step-by-step process provides the perfect road map for making every networking session successful and pain-free. I will certainly be using the strategies I’ve learned from Sally’s expertise. Now, with a copy of Pain-free Networking for Introverts tucked securely under my arm, I’m going to take on the networking world and do it with confidence, via competence - with the emphasis on ‘competence’.
Thank you, Sally. This book is a networking game-changer.”
Maureen Durney – Blogger, Educator

“Sally has achieved what many may think is the impossible. She shows how networking can truly be pain-free for introverts. What I loved is that Sally really knows her stuff when it comes to this. She delivers simple tips and personal insights with infectious enthusiasm, warmth and humour. I found light bulb moments on almost every page and I’m now ready to take my networking to the next level thanks to Sally.”
Kylie Fennell – Writer, Marketer

“This book is so friendly and easy to read! Everything that would have helped me get started but I had to learn the hard way is in there, plus some great tips I didn't know”
Teri Harvey –
Administration Manager