How Good Can You Stand It
Oscars and Golden Globes Artist Publishes Colour Psychology Book
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More About This Title How Good Can You Stand It


How Good Can You Stand It is a life and business bible.

By fusing inspiration, art and colour theory, this incredible book helps you to use colour to communicate, change behaviours, brand business and enhance environments. How Good Can You Stand it not only helps you feel good, but provides you insight into how to use colour for success.

Each colour tone is elegantly explained, reinforced by the use of beautiful Tracie Eaton Original artworks and inspirational quotes written by Tracie.

Using business examples and life lessons, Tracie Eaton explains the emotional & usually subconscious resonance we all have with colour. Trained as an Occupational Therapist, and in Colour Psychology, Tracie Eaton uses colour in her artwork very specifically to ensure her clients have the ‘feelings’ they want in their home or office. Throughout How Good Can You Stand It, Tracie Eaton masterfully shares her understandings of colour all while taking you on a heartfelt journey through the world of colour.

This book is a must have for anyone who wants to feel inspired and who wants to live their life “in Full Colour”.


Internationally renowned artist Tracie Eaton creates unique and exquisite art that touches your soul. Based on the Gold Coast, Australia, Tracie Eaton originals are highly sought after due to her individual and highly creative style .

Tracie Eaton has been creative all her life, turning this creativity to painting 12 years ago. Her love of colour made this creative outlet an immediate choice. Her artistic style is open and free flowing. Each piece representing a moment in time, a feeling.

Certified in Occupational Therapy and Colour Psychology, Tracie Eaton brings a passion and understanding of colour coupled with her creative insight.

Colour creates energy, people respond to colour subconsciously and Tracie loves this about art. Colour and art elicit emotion, you will ‘feel something’, helping you connect, inspiring action. This connection helps to change mindset, behaviors and can reinvent any space.