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More About This Title Jacaranda


"这本诗集包含了110 首诗。大部分诗写于2016年11月到2017年11月间,为中等到长诗篇幅。这一年的生活给予了作者强烈的感情体验,大部分的感情和移民生活,爱情及人与人之间的关系相关。读着这些诗,你能够感觉到作者表达出的感情,比如爱情,从初次的相见,陷入爱情,直到分离的悲伤。诗中作者表达了欢乐,孤独,悲伤,道义挣扎及其他一些情绪。每一页有一首独立的诗,但整个诗集连贯起来,读者或许会发现一个完整的爱情故事的线索。此诗集或许给你带来人生的思考,有关于找到自我,爱情与道德关系的复杂性,寻找真实自我与生活在社会规则之下的冲突性.每个人的答案或许不同,答案自在每个读者的心中。

This bilingual poem collection contains one hundred and ten poems; most of the poems are in middle-to-long length. It was written by the author from November 2016 to November 2017. During this time, the life experience stirred up the author’s strong feelings about immigration life, love, relationship, and others. Reading these poems, you can experience emotions about falling in love from first glance to the sadness of separation or break up. In the poems, the author expressed her feelings of joy, loneliness, sadness, moral struggling, and other emotions. Every page has just one single poem; however, the whole poem collection has a clue to be a love story from beginning to the end. This poem collection may let you think about the life of human being, how to find yourself, the complex feature of love relationship and moral, the conflict of finding your real self, and the life under social rules. Everyone’s thought may be different, but the answer is in your heart."

Exhibited At: International book fairs