Petals of Childhood
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"Writing this book is one of the ways of revisiting and reliving my childhood. Education aims at overall development of the child. Education, with its holistic approach, nurtures pupils and makes them compassionate and empathetic as well. Empathy is a quality that is practised more by the children than elders. Being with children made me a better learner. While they were busy learning their specific subjects in a well-organised environment, my mind was engaged in exploring their world enriched with knowledge, creativity, curiosity, and challenges. The quest of how, when, and where never ends in children?s world. Their minds are like open parachutes.

Let the children learn their lessons from different streets of the town and then practise those lessons whenever and wherever they are needed. Let the academic lessons be learned in nature?s lab and demonstrated in handling the mundane challenges of human life. Let non-scholastic lessons of moral science step out of lesson plans, and let skills be demonstrated in various social platforms. Let the complete model of education aim at acknowledging and appreciating the initiatives taken by the children for any act of kindness.

A girl unknowingly demonstrating leadership skills, considering it as an act of kindness, brings a paradigm shift in the lives of some children who deserve every bit of happiness but have been missing it. A collaborative effort on one platform and an empathetic attitude make her a role model to be followed."

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