The Social Media Mind
The book that changed the social media landscape
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More About This Title The Social Media Mind


Like any medium of communication social media has its own tropes which must be mastered in order to use it properly.

In The Social Media Mind David Amerland illustrates how Social Media is a game changer. It challenges us to rethink our assumptions on almost every sphere where it is applied. Whether communicating through the web with potential clients, increasing the exposure of a business brand or collaborating with colleagues on shared projects, it demands that we rethink the standard responses which have guided us in the past and come up with new ones, for a new age.

In carefully laid out arguments, backed by evidence and examples he answers questions like:

Why do some social media marketing campaigns fail and not others?
Why is social media so radically different from traditional marketing?
How are social media success stories created?
How can social media help save costs in business?
Why is social media changing so many aspects of our world?
What does it take to develop a social media mind?
Over the next five years social media is going to change the nature of education, politics, business, science and even the arts. Its imperatives for greater transparency, responsiveness and engagement are behind the trends which are changing our world.

This book is key to understanding how to prepare, what to do and how.


David Amerland helps multi-national clients and start-ups to organize their SEO and Social Media strategies. He is a business journalist, author and international speaker. He blogs about social media and search engine optimization, writes for a number of prominent websites including Forbes, and advises a handful of corporations on their social media crisis management techniques.

His books on SEO, Social Media and web trends demystify the complexity of the subjects they cover for readers around the world. Each book provides an accessible blueprint to better understand and take advantage of the opportunities offered by the connected economy.


Social Glue
Chapter 1 – The Social Media Mind
We are natural born storytellers
The world changes faster than we do
The social media mindset

Chapter 2 – Social is the Default Setting
But we are all connected!
The dark side of the net
It’s all about the data

Chapter 3 – Angels and Demons in Cyberspace
Two sides of the same coin
Facebook vs Google
The web is being divided

Chapter 4 – The Social Media Addiction
The online browser syndrome and other social media impulses
What exactly is social media?
Social media demands responsiveness

Chapter 5 – The Social Business Edge
The social media trap
How to be more authentic
Data, damned data!

Chapter 6 – Social Business Strategies
Social media marketing isn’t working
Social media success stories
‘Conversing’ and ‘Storytelling’ two social media techniques which categorize the medium
It’s all about creating a clear signal
Two exceptional social media presences
What lessons can be learnt for businesses in social media marketing?
Six myths about social media marketing you need to be aware of
So what can be done?
Six steps to social media success
Social media and business
How to Make Sure you ‘Get It’

Chapter 7 – The Social Fabric
Social media as a catalyst
Social Media is the new battleground
Social Media is a uniting thread
Social Media is a podium
Social media is changing us

Chapter 8 – Science and the Social Web
Crowdsourcing and social media
Social media and education
Change your mind

Chapter 9 – Putting Social Media in Perspective
Social media is still new

Chapter 10 – The Internet of Things
Data mining and social mood
Data mining techniques
Social media drives everything

Chapter 11 – The Future of the Social Web
The social graph and the interest graph
Social media guidelines
How social media marketing really works

Chapter 12 – Authenticity and the Social Web
Openness should be your social media strategy
Two case studies where Truth Marketing and Openness in social media really work
The ROI of social media

Final word



David Amerland has taken an anthropological look at social media and gives us, in this expansive book, an understanding of the power of this tool. This is not a "How to Market with Social Media" book though before you begin any marketing effort you should read "The Social Media Mind". - Mustelier