The Little Barbarian

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A wordless picture book that captures the imagination

Being a barbarian is no easy task. A barbarian must be able to survive an army of one-eyed giants or a pit of venomous snakes. He must bravely fight off manticores, dragons, and sea serpents. Luckily, a barbarian can always rely on his trusty steed to see him through any peril.

Readers of all ages will savor this wordless picture book with its clever twist ending.


Renato Moriconi is a Brazilian writer and visual artist. He has had more than forty books for children published in a number of countries throughout the world, including Brazil, France, Mexico, and South Korea. In 2014 he received the Jabuti Award for Best Children's Illustration for the Brazilian edition of The Little Barbarian.


Kirkus Reviews (STARRED review)
"Children will be delighted at Little Barbarian's continued calm expression, even when he and his trusty horse are gliding above a group of spear-wielding cyclops. The art contains plentiful negative space around the well-crafted threats, allowing viewers to giggle nervously but not worry about any real danger. . . . Funny and enlightening. Inspired pictures will, in turn, inspire wide-eyed conversations."

Publishers Weekly (STARRED review)
"Moriconi’s simple, even wise, adventure salutes the power of a child’s imagination, which unspools endless visions of danger, courage, desperate rescue, and victory. "

— Booklist
"An epic journey of wild imagination. . . . Moriconi's clever book plays upon the immersive nature of imagination, showing how completely it can transform simple activities into the most incredible adventures."