Four Ministries, One Jesus

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What it means to be called into ministry for the “one Jesus” of the New Testament

Richard Burridge’s Four Gospels, One Jesus? has long been a popular introduction to the New Testament gospels. In this book Burridge looks specifically at pastoral ministry through the lens of each gospel. The book’s four major parts are MATTHEW—Teaching Good News, LUKE—Pastoral Care, MARK—Suffering the Way of the Cross, and JOHN—Praying the Divine Life.

Combining the skills of a leading biblical scholar with the wisdom derived from years of pastoral experience, Burridge invites readers to consider such questions as how to extend pastoral care to people both outside and inside Christian community, how to take care of oneself and one’s family, and how to stay attuned to the Spirit by cultivating a fresh and vigorous life of prayer.

Full of practical advice on developing and maintaining the skills needed for ministry today, Four Ministries, One Jesus will be a vital resource for anyone who is called to Christian ministry.


Richard A. Burridge is dean of King's College London, where he is also professor of biblical interpretation and director of New Testament studies.

Winner of the 2013 Ratzinger Prize, he is the first non-Catholic ever to receive that prestigious award.


Justin Welby 
— Archbishop of Canterbury
“This is Richard Burridge at his best: combining practical wisdom, deep spirituality, and inspiring scholarship, this book is the perfect companion for those exploring or approaching ordination.” 

Martyn Percy 
— Christ Church, Oxford
“Profound, packed with treasure and wisdom, yet communicated with a rare clarity and simplicity. Burridge is undoubtedly one of our foremost New Testament scholars, and this book will be of inestimable value to all those seeking to understand the complexity and diversity of ministry today.”