Self-Determination, Statehood, and the Law of Negotiation

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More About This Title Self-Determination, Statehood, and the Law of Negotiation


Now available in paperback! This monograph seeks to advance our understanding of the international law of negotiation and use this as a framework for assessing the Israeli-Palestinian dispute, with the Palestinian people's unsuccessful attempt to join the United Nations as a Member State in autumn 2011 and the successful attempt to join the same institution as a non-Member Observer State in November 2012 providing a case study for this. The legal consequences of these applications are not merely of historical interest; they inform the present rights and obligations of Israel and the Palestinian people. This work fills a significant gap in the existing international law scholarship on the Israeli-Palestinian dispute, which neither engages with this means of dispute settlement generally nor does so specifically within the context of the Palestinian people's engagements with international institutions. "Based on primary research, this book explores materials that were not analyzed before. It treats a highly political issue with scientific objectivity that strikes a balance between various points of view. The book will be an essential reading to all those involved in peace studies, international negotiations and Israeli-Palestinian conflict."--Mutaz M Qafisheh, Associate Professor of International Law, Hebron U. *** "A compelling and innovative account of the legal aspects of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict: a must read."--Efraim Karsh, King's College London and Bar-Ilan U., author of Palestine Betrayed. *** "A superbly imagined and executed study on Palestine that puts the 'negotiation imperative' at the heart of its narrative, fully interrogating the involvement of public international law at each step of the long and layered history that is vigorously brought to life in these pages. A study that also promises texture, nuance, and depth to the legal analysis it offers-and it delivers handsomely on each of these fronts."--Dino Kritsiotis, Chair of Public International Law & Head of the International Humanitarian Law Unit, U. of Nottingham. [Subject: Public International Law]