Aunt Pajama Gets a Dog

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Aunt Pajama has ten nieces and nephews and lots of fun adventures. In the first book of this series, "Meet Aunt Pajama" we are introduced to this funny aunt and two of her nieces. In this second book of the series, two of Aunt Pajama's nephews help her find a dog to adopt as a pet. Aunt Pajama discovers that owning a dog is not as easy as just wanting one. But through time, with love and patience, Lucy becomes a nice pet.


Joanna is a retired elementary school teacher. During her career she worked as a third grade teacher and a reading resource teacher, before spending her last 20 years teaching First Grade. She read to her students every day, falling in love with the books she read to them. Joanna has raised two children and three dogs. She and her husband, Gary, and their dog, Lucy, recently relocated from Miami to Gainesville, Florida. Her husband, Gary, is a graphic designer and the illustrator of her books. Joanna's favorite thing to do is read, and children's books are at the top of the list.