The Councilman

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In 1956 Morgan City, Texas, Cory Hunter Bramley has finally returned to learn the truth about his mother's murder when he was ten years old. The killer may be gone, leaving Cory to chase ghosts, yet he's determined to know what happened that fateful day sixteen years ago. But truth comes in many forms.The town is under the thumb of Sam Snead, a man who considers himself a political king and makes Cory's search for the truth more difficult. Five women have been brutally murdered since his mother and their killer remains at large as well.Cory must walk a dangerous maze of corruption, revenge, bootlegging, brutality and murder as he uncovers a bloody trail leading to the killer. But in the pursuit of justice, Cory didn't anticipate finding love with an older woman, the forbidden Emily.The Councilman is a heartbreaking tale of vengeance, deceit and the anguish of shattered souls wrapped in mystery and suspense told by the award winning author Glenn Starkey.


Glenn Starkey is an award-winning author, former U.S. Marine Corps Sergeant and Vietnam veteran; worked for the U.S. State Department Security; law enforcement in Texas and retired from a global oil corporation as a security manager overseeing a major refinery, chemical plant and their marine shipping facilities. He's also been a consultant, lecturer, and interim security director of a major Gulf Coast port. For the last nine years Glenn has volunteered in his local school district to mentor elementary children with their reading skills. Feel free to contact Glenn through [email protected] and browse his website, His novels are available from all major booksellers.