Hello, I'm Vegan

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It's an amazing time to be vegan. We are growing in numbers and pretty soon we will form an army and take over the world, forcing everyone to be compassionate and ethical. Sounds like a pretty bleak future, am I right? Well this book is written for lazy vegans who maybe want to take over the world a little closer to home. These easy recipes are great for those new to the vegan lifestyle, or active people on the go looking for a healthier alternative to eating animals. Anything you can make, I can make vegan. And this cookbook will show you how to make amazing vegan dishes without spending hours in the kitchen.


Mandy France is a bestselling author and children's book illustrator. She lives in Orlando, Florida where she wrestles shiba inus, goes on adventures with her son, and crafts masterful stories at bedtime. She likes to brag about herself and eats far too much vegan ice cream for someone who runs marathons and climbs mountains. Mandy left a cushiony job at Disney to see the world as a flight attendant but instead works part time telling people to keep their seat belts fastened during turbulence. Nowadays, she can be found traveling with her son and dog, writing and sketching new ideas, or trespassing in your backyard trying to catch a rare Pokémon.