The Ultimate Guide to Home Buying

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Buying a Home is Most Important Investment in Your LifeThere are a lot of nuances associated with it, and all too often people go into the process unprepared, and the experience becomes a nightmare. Buying a home is a process - it's a journey. Buying a Home is Time ConsumingUnlike most shopping where everything is done relatively instantly, you don't just wake up one morning and think, "I'm going to buy a house today", swipe your credit card, and get a home. It is an arduous journey involving multiple parties as well as paperwork (and definitely a lot of money). And when you buy a home, it's somewhat a permanent transaction. Do Everything You Can to Avoid Buyer's RemorseOnce you made the purchase, you can't simply want to return the home the next day and get a refund. In fact, no matter how much you regretted the purchase, you will still need to pay your mortgage for the next couple of years! Be Prepared for Your Home Buying JourneyThis guide will help you understand whether you're ready and will take you through all of the things you need to know throughout your journey. From getting your home buying team, preparing your finance as well as financing options, to what happens after you close, The Ultimate Guide to Home Buying is the complete guide you'll need, with unbiased, objective and comprehensive advice to guide you for your home buying journey.


Grant is the CEO and founder of Home Captain, Inc., one of the fastest growing real estate tech companies. Home Captain is helping customers obtain the dream of homeownership by pairing them with a pre-screened real estate agent in their area, and our Real Estate Concierge helps them throughout the process. Home Captain strives to provide the right team to make the homebuyers real estate purchase or sale the best experience available.Before founding Home Captain, Grant served in the US Army in various capacities. In the corporate sector, Grant has extensive experience in management, sales, marketing, e-commerce, and strategic partnerships for Fortune 500 and other publicly traded companies.Upon returning from a tour of duty in Iraq in 2008, Grant realized the value of homeownership when his VA Home Loan Benefits. He bought a multi-family home in Massachusetts and enjoyed the satisfaction of homeownership but also the privilege of being a homeowner. Grant then went on to become an active real estate investor owning and operating ten housing units across the United States.In 2013, to help veterans learn how to use their benefits when buying a home, Grant wrote the Ultimate Guide to VA Loans. His book has been distributed over 1.8 million times and provides service members with an understanding of their specific home loan benefits. Furthermore, Grant has supported the veteran community by educating real estate agents on working with veterans. Grant created the VA Loan Certification that enables agents to take a course and receive continuing education credits.Grant has an MS in Technology Management from Columbia University, MBA from Babson College, and a BS in Business Administration from Endicott College.