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Lester McFarlin earned his detective status after helping solve and break up an interstate crime organization that sold automatic weapons, manufactured illegal drugs, and imported beautiful call girls between New Orleans, LA and Hot Springs, AR. Even before this huge bust, Lester was referred to as the “Redneck Sherlock Holmes” of the South. He married his girlfriend Debi Green a couple weeks back and now is going on a honeymoon cruise, where he quickly discovers he'll have to defend the ship and use his unique skills to help fend off a terrorist plot against the Panama Canal. The best Lester has to offer and the finest military specialists available may fall short competing against an enemy quite willing to blow themselves and their families to Kingdom Come to install their demented regimes. Lester McFarlin returns to help subdue a huge terrorist cell determined to destroy the Panama Canal and all the ships in the docks.


Chap Harper is a native Arkansan and former vice president of a large insurance company. He is the author of Beer, Bait, and Ammo, Once Upon the Congo,Once Upon a Reef, and Under Cuba. He lives in Hot Springs, Arkansas.