Where There's a Will There Is a Waffle

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More About This Title Where There's a Will There Is a Waffle


Waffles for Breakfast?Almond Flour ClassicMaple BaconBlueberry MuffinFrench ToastMaple on the GoWaffles for Lunch or Dinner?Three CheesePepper Jack RanchPepperoni PizzaCajun PestoCajun Cheddar RanchCheddar Buffalo Blue?Three Meat PizzaCrunchy EnchiladaSupreme PizzaMushroom SwissMaybe you need a waffle for Dessert?Cocoa Nib CookieMaple pecan CookieThree Stage Fudge BrowniePeanut Butter CookieCakeAfter spending years on a Ketogenic diet, I was always trying to track down foods with a quality crunch to them. While working on a cauliflower pizza recipe one day, I couldn't quite get that classic crisp that I was looking for. So I tossed a slice in a frying pan to give it more crunch. The realization of the cheese from the "crust" crisping up from the hot frying pan had me wondering if I could do that with the entire pizza. Then came the waffle iron. It was the perfect utensil for my goals. A hot surface to heat, fry and crisp all the areas of my pizza plans! I threw some things in a bowl, waffled it up and the first pepperoni pizza waffle was born. Little did I know that first experiment and journey down wacky waffle iron lane would result in months and months of waffles for every meal. I know what you're thinking, "He can't really mean every meal.". Every. Meal. It was definitely a journey of ups and downs with plenty of pretty bad waffles. Luckily, this book is a culmination of all the greats and none of the flops. All the waffles that made my body, brain and taste buds go, "Mmm, that's niiiice.". There's not many foods that I miss on a low carb diet, but this book was written to fill the void with a hot sizzle and a tasty crunch. To prove that even during a time of wanting a cheat, if there's a will to succeed, there is a waffle.


Paul Spalding is a personal trainer, photographer, outdoor adventurer, lover of creative cooking and a ketogenic diet. Having spent most of his youth slamming back gas station soda buckets and corn dogs, he grew up thinking he was destined to always be, "the big guy". In 2012, at the age of twenty-four he decided to change that mindset. With three years of experience in a small restaurant and an overall love for getting risky in the kitchen, he buckled down. One year, and seventy pounds later his goal was reached and life changed. Now he's a personal trainer and advocate for people getting outdoors and getting in shape. He still follows a ketogenic diet while trail running, kayaking and mountain biking for the perfect nature photo.