The Leaves Change in Autumn
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"Taylor Murphy is a nursing student who loves living with her sheriff father in the quaint town of San Juan, Texas. Ever since she can remember, Taylor has had a crush on Anton Guevara, a bad boy with a less than stellar reputation. All the girls want to date him, but unfortunately for Taylor, he seems to just go for fast women. While she only has eyes for Anton, Jonathan Christensen?an ideal boyfriend candidate?only has eyes for Taylor.

One day when Anton surprises her and asks her out, Taylor quickly accepts his invitation despite her father?s obvious dislike for him. Sheriff Murphy would much rather seeing her date Jonathan, a well-respected and smart young man. When her father learns Anton and Taylor are dating, the discovery prompts a chain of events that eventually leads him to kick Taylor out of the house. Now she must decide whether to end her relationship with Anton and begin dating Jonathan just to please her father or follow her heart and continue to date the man he despises.

The Leaves Change in Autumn shares a powerful story of love, loss, resilience, and hope as a young woman is left to choose between her heart?s desire and her father?s approval."

Exhibited At: International book fairs