Psalm Hymns

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Music is the key to open up the mysteries.During King David's life: his wedding, his victories, his hiding and testing, his failures, his griefs and fears, he penned these personal meditations for the music director to use in worship to God. Now, Larkins offers us a quintessential western music guide to singing the biblical Psalms' first two books, Psalms 1-72, using the tutorial style of standard hymns. The Psalms may again be sung. Use for Holy Land tours, group singing, and introductions to biblical messages and teachings.


L. L. Larkins is no stranger to cross-cultural forms of worship and praise among Christians. Larkins earned a B.A. in Bible and music composition from Colorado Christian University and served the traditional church, youth and a variety of African groups leading in worship and praise. She now studiously serves the body of Christ by transcribing psalms for singing and reflection, and by mentor-counseling.