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NEW! 2018! In the 16th Century at the edge of the Berkshire Forests, Wren finds herself rattling around in an austere castle, abandoned by the King and Queen, King Belodawn seems to blame his daughter for the mysterious disappearance of his wife, and he avoids his daughter in favor of conquests requiring his person away from his kingdom. But, things are about to change; the princess has matured. Wren refuses to be the lost bird she became at age twelve. With the aid of the cook and the cook's son, Wren discovers her unknown dexterity and honing it, believes it will open up a new path.With Aleric by her side, Wren believes she will discover a way to escape the confines of her loneliness.Daring to leave the kingdom of Greenham, Wren ventures out to Shaw, the land of King Olerion. As myth and history become intertwined, the sword-wielding princess is confronted with a task so impossible, she will need something beyond her own strength to defy bondage to a nightmarish dragon. Will she find true freedom or be forever indebted?Little does the young woman know that a step to the right or to the left will plunge her into a life of horror.


Lady Charmayne lives in the land of Lakewood, Colorado where she and Lord John Hafen, live with two castle guards, their Chihuahuas, Pepe and Frida. She spends her days overseeing the tasks of managing their kingdom which includes two small, private businesses. When she isn't doing something for business, she can be found writing, skiing, painting, collaging, or frolicking about with her seven-year-old niece. Holding a master's degree in community counseling, Lady Charmayne also runs therapeutic photography groups for teens which teach problem-solving skills while learning new techniques with the camera. She finds inspiration for writing from the many lands she ventures to with her husband as well as from the wonderful relationships God has put in her life. She has been writing from the time she was a small girl. She still can't imagine life without writing. Charmayne invites you to follow her on her writing journey on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.


Describing a time of dragons, witches, and sword fighting, Indebted takes you to a place where a young princess blames herself for her mother's disappearance.

The style and theme of Charmayne Hafen's writing is comparable to works from authors such as Suzanne Collins, J.R.R. Tolkien, and C.S. Lewis. Indebted is centered on a strong female character, Princess Wren, whose loneliness sends her on an adventure that changes her life forever.

I found Indebted to be an art piece, lovingly penned by an author who took great care in developing her characters. Excellent novel." -Peggy Jo, Readers' Favorite Review

I know a lot of people will find it hard to put Christianity and an epic fantasy together, but Indebted has both of these elements and works very well. In fact, it was this uniqueness that made it stand out from other fantasy novels I've read before.- Maureen Dangarembizi, Book Buyer

The passing of time in the story is handled slightly differently compared to most fantasy novels I've read, where a character's younger years are summarized in flashbacks. Hafen, on the other hand, ages Wren up from 12 to 17, and finally to 18 years old, while telling her story at the same time in clear-cut prose. This suits the character-driven tale, as Wren struggles with the memories of her cynical mother and her estranged father.

The plot has a good twist, and the sketches serve wonderfully as illustrations for Indebted. At its heart, Indebted is about parental issues, forgiveness, love, confidence, inner strength, friendship, greed, and-to a great extent-faith. On the whole, it's a well-written and thought-provoking tale from Hafen.- Lit Amri