Challenges (Frank Kurns Stories of the UnknownWorld Book 4)
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Tabitha has one night to challenge her past, and her belief in herself. Normally, a person would fail.However, Tabitha has an ace in the hole. A female vampire with hundreds of years of life and wisdom and she is willing to protect Tabitha and tell her the truth.Whether Tabitha wants it, or not.And whether the Vampire wants to hurt others is not in question. It is what her Queen would expect.And Gabrielle will make it happen, like it or not."We kind of thought you have covered that with shoes…"Bethany Anne has a challenge for her team, it’s just they don’t know what it is, exactly.At first, the thought of a seedvault doesn't excite the team much. But the Queen has demanded a less stressful, more enjoyable opportunity to accomplish a needed goal for her people.Then, they add inefficiency into the project on purpose.It will be a challenge, but her people are always up to a task for the Queen Bitch.