Love Lost (The Kurtherian Gambit Book 3)
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When one of Bethany Anne's loved one gets caught in the crossfire between her and the Forsaken, she goes rabid in rage. She doesn't believe in seeking peace and harmony, but rather revenge and mayhem.Continuing the story of Bethany Anne and TQB team, Love Lost picks up after Queen Bitch. She works to complete both her business and military team leads and we meet Stephen's daughter Gabrielle as plans are made to exact revenge South of the Border.You don't touch one of Bethany Anne's loved ones and get away with it, no matter how far away you live.**Please note, as mentioned in another review, there is flagrantly foul language in this novel. The main character does not have a problem with cussing, just uninspired cussing.Series includes:Death Becomes Her - The Kurtherian Gambit 01 Queen Bitch - The Kurtherian Gambit 02Love Lost - The Kurtherian Gambit 03Bite This - The Kurtherian Gambit 04 (Dec 2015)Never Forsaken - The Kurtherian Gambit 05 (Dec/Jan 2015)Under My Heel - The Kurtherian Gambit 06 (Jan/Feb 2015)Kneel or Die - The Kurtherian Gambit 07 (Feb/Mar 2015)