Shadow Saints
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"This is a fast-paced suspense thriller that begins as a normal day for the Watkins family. By late morning, religious terrorists kidnap the young daughter, shoot the father, and alienate the son. It is the worst day of the Watkins family?s life. It is the day that begins the saving of America.
From a hidden mountain compound in Idaho, a self-styled messiah, claiming to be Christ in the Second Coming, leads a heavily armed cult of thousands scattered across America. The believers infiltrate critical sectors of America?s military-industrial complex to acquire materials not only to create but to deploy nuclear weapons. His goal is to purify America and make it the shining land God intended it to be.
But he made three mistakes: He abducted the Watkins girl, shot her father, and made a powerful enemy of her brother.
Nine years later, not knowing the immense gravity of the cult?s goal, Sam Watkins, now an FBI special agent, and Mickey Sheean, a field geologist, rely on each other to find the cult?s hidden headquarters, rescue his sister, and bring the cult member who murdered Mickey?s husband to justice. When they discover that deployment of the cult?s nuclear weapons is imminent, they must race the clock to stop Armageddon in America."

Exhibited At: International book fairs