Journey to Fire's Keep
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When two childhood friends witness the destruction of their hometown in a mysterious fire, they embark on an epic quest for answers that attracts the ire of the powerful wizards keeping the world in balance. With a useless mage in tow, they must face the unknown head-on to avenge their lost families and friends.

Journey to Fire’s Keep flings the reader to a faraway, mystical land, where wizards and sorcerers practice magic like a science, bringing surprisingly modern amenities into a medieval world; where elves, orcs, and humans live side by side in sprawling cityscapes; where a group of revered mages toil ceaselessly to keep the land from plunging into chaos. It slams the reader square in the middle of a conflict concealed by shadows and treachery, a life-or-death struggle of a few ordinary people pitted against a powerful, megalomaniacal sorcerer hell-bent on utterly destroying anything that might possibly stand in his way.


Grady Lee Owens lives outside Cloudcroft, New Mexico, with his pet cats. Born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, he’s an on-again, off-again New Mexico Tech student in the study of astrophysics, mathematics, and optics. Unintentionally following in personal hero Powel Crosley, Jr’s footsteps of self-attributed “50 jobs in 50 years,” he has worked in warehouse organization, seismology data collecting, prototyping and analytical laboratories, pizza design and construction, computer systems maintenance, and optical astronomy, to name a few things, in his quest for knowledge.


"Journey to Fire's Keep: The Return to the Temple by Grady L Owens is the first book in a spellbinding epic fantasy series with phenomenal settings and skyrocketing conflict. After a devastating fire that reduces their hometown to ashes, a young man, in the company of a half-elfin friend, sets out on an unusual adventure to locate the source of the fire and avenge their people. But what awaits them is worse than anything they could have bargained for. Apart from facing the unwavering wrath and wickedness of an unforgiving sorcerer, they are held in contempt by the magical organization responsible for the balance of the world.

"One of the things I always want to see in epic fantasies is a powerful setting. Yes, I want to be uprooted from my immediate world and carried away to a world that is unique and believable, and Grady L Owens has created such an exciting setting in this compelling work. The story begins in the midst of action and the reader is immediately introduced to a crisis. It is interesting to note how the author integrates powerful and vivid descriptions of the setting into the action. The reader’s senses are awakened to great smells, sights and objects. The writing features very colorful descriptions and plot-driven dialogues that will mesmerize readers. I couldn’t help but eagerly follow the characters, because they are well-imagined and developed with mastery. Journey to Fire's Keep: The Return to the Temple will take readers on an adventure to a magical world where humans and other magical creatures coexist. [5 stars]" ~Arya Fomonyuy, Reader's Favorite