The Owner of the Treasure
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"When Dominik V. Frey moved his family to the Mexican countryside, in the town of Tamazunchale, he often wondered how most of the modest town?s residents supported their high standard of living. Rumors abound that most of the town?s rich families had gotten their wealth from finding treasure buried by the rebels during the Mexican Revolution in the early 1900s. The townsfolk also talked in hushed voices about how those who found the treasures had to pay a hefty price: they sold their souls to the devil, whom local treasure seekers referred to as El Compadre, the owner of all buried treasure. For a time, he was content to listen to the stories?until he started finding strange buried objects near his property with his metal detector.

This is a true story of a once-devout Christian who, drawn in by the prospect of digging up his own pot of gold, finds himself immersed in the occult and pretty soon fighting for his soul and sanity as he works with shamans and witch doctors and their black magic to strike a deal with El Compadre that will allow him to unearth vast fortunes."

Exhibited At: International book fairs