Blowing Up Walmart and Other Short Stories
Anthology of Published Short Stories

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If you can laugh at your own foibles as well as those of others, you will enjoy this collection, from the intrepid Amazonian activist to the tame copywriter who discovers she might have inherited wild Gypsy blood, as well as the three sisters who all claim possession rights to an inherited doll. To roughly paraphrase, everyone is a little crazy, but each in his or her own way. They are uneven in length because they were originally written for various publications that had different word count requirements. The pieces are set in California and Florida because everything is a bit more in Florida and California but they could happen anywhere.


Before graduating from college in California with a degree in journalism, Jackie accepted a job with a publicity firm, extolling daily the virtues of local hotels and restaurants without suffering the inconvenience of actually visiting them. This led to the writing of undisguised fiction which she has pursued ever since. Now living in Florida, she tutors English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL), explaining cheerfully that the usage of vowels in English is incomprehensible to everyone, not just to them. Jackie also has available a full length comic novel, No Laughing Matter, and a book of two full length plays. The Nancy Plays and The Cat Box, as well as four Oleta Parker mysteries chronicling her transformation from a nosy next door neighbor into a full fledged PI with license to carry, as well as a new husband. They are in order of her ascent Bakersfield Irregulars, Snake in Paradise, Double Barrel and Wine, Weddings and Murder.