The Nancy Plays and the Catbox
Two Plays Ready for Small Theater Production

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The Nancy Plays is an exploration of loss of a loved one, in this case a daughter named Nancy. The first two acts, Nancy, The Transfer Nurse and Widows may be tragedies in a minor key, but hope springs forth as surely as spring follows winter and the third act, Pandora, ends in a farce that is both rousing and thought provoking. The Cat Box is a comedy involving the first wife of a certain unflappable Stephen Cochran and his second wife, who happens to be the sister of his first wife. If anyone in the family, which includes his first wife's two teenage girls, is stressed out, it is surely not Stephen, the self-styled King of the Used Tire Trade.


Before graduating from college in California with a degree in journalism, Jackie accepted a job with a publicity firm, extolling daily the virtues of local hotels and restaurants without suffering the inconvenience of actually visiting them. This led to the writing of undisguised fiction which she has pursued ever since. Now living in Florida, she tutors English for speakers of Other Languages (ESOL), explaining cheerfully that the usage of vowels in English is incomprehensible to everyone, not just to them. Jackie also has available two other books, a humorous novel, No Laughing Matter, and an anthology of her short works, Blowing Up Walmart and Other California and Florida Short Stories, as well as four Oleta Parker mysteries, Bakersfield Irregulars, Snake in Paradise, Double Barrel and Wine, Weddings and Murder.