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Hidden Account of the Romanovs by John Browne from AuthorPro Creatives and Marketing

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  • Romance within a fascinating history of the ROMANOVS
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    John Browne
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    Soft Copy
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    USD 48.95
  • Publication Date:
    May 20, 2013
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    2.25 inche
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    3.1 pounds
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    I have a video presentation (3 minutes). See my website under 'trailer'.

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The assassination of Rasputin, the Murder of the Russian Imperial family and the
reasons preventing King George V from rescuing his cousin Nicholas 11 of Russia have
fascinated historians for the past Century. The true accounts of deaths of the Imperial
Family and Rasputin have been covered up and frozen for some eighty years. The first
by the CommunistS,the second by the BristiSh intelligence service MI6. With the passage
of time and particularly GLASNOST in Russia much new information has released
including hitherto concealed documents. This book uses much of this newly revealed
history which makes it an important source of learning useful to historian,schools and
universities. The inclusion of a fictitious romantic take, woven within the accurate
history makes the history attractive to a wider audience and easy to learn.
The main story takes place between 1913 and 1922. The author has planned a sequel that
takes the story forward through, WWII to 1986.
The purpose of the book is to tell a wonderful romantic tale in order to make the
reading the newly revealed history more attractive to younger generations and to a
wider mature audience.

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The author was raised on a family farm near Bath in England, served in the Grenadier
guards. He was a pilot and a parachutist and retired as a major.
A soldier, investment banker, politician, writer, historian and lecturer the author
graduated from Malvern College; The Royal Military Academy Sandhurst; Cranfield
Institute of Technology and Harvard Business School. He became an investment banker in
New York and London and a Member of Parliament for over 12 years including all the
'Thatcher Years'. In December 1985, he was appointed as liaison to Mr.Michail
Gorbachev and was the first to brief Prime Minister Thatcher that he felt Gorbachev
would become the nextleader of the Soviet Union. His briefings inspired Thatcher to
make her seminal statement that, "I think I can do business with this man [Gorbachev]"
This statement opened the door to the historic meetings with President Ronald Reagan
who I briefed and which which ended the Cold War.
More recently, the Author has been and op-ed columnist in the Pittsburgh Tribune Review
(a major regional newspaper), writer and broadcaster on six major TV stations for Euro
Pacific Capital, a New York investment bank. Currently, he is a Partner in Frazier,
Browne and Mayer LLC, an independent economic and financial research provider.

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