Brothers Khan

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In olden time, in the land of Punjab, lived a widowed wealthy man by the name of Misra in his vast farm with his three daughters Mahudri, Ashwaria and Sonam. The farm was run by a loyal farmer called Abed Khan. Abed lived with his wife and his three sons Sharu, Salman and Fawad in a nearby village. They all lived in a small mud-brick cottage.  Each season after harvest Abed drove the wagons to the market to sell the crops. In one of these trips to the market, the bandit Agni and his brother Ramesh with their gang attacked the convoy and killed Abed and the farmers driving the other wagons. Abed’s sons swore to avenge their father’s death.  The three brothers replaced their father and took care of the farm. They fell in love with Misra’s daughters. Brothers Khan asked Misra for his daughters hand in marriage but he refused claiming that they were poor and his daughters must marry rich men of their high status. Mahudri the big sister was coerced to marry a sadist drunkard who belonged to a big family in the region.  He tortured her physically and mentally and ruined her life. The two other sisters rejected arranged marriage and opposed their father because they loved Sharu’s brothers. Fearing his daughters might run away with their lovers and marry men of lower status, Misra kicked the brothers out of the farm. The brothers left the farm and lived in their clay hut in their village. Agni the bandit and his brother Ramesh raided the farm. The farm was burned to the ground. Farmers were killed and women abducted and raped. Mahudri’s vicious husband was killed during the rade. Misra’s two daughters Sonam and Ashwaria were abducted by Agni and Ramesh. The girls were taken to the bandits’ hideout home where they were beaten and raped. Misra ran to brothers Khan asking for help. They came to his rescue. They saved the two girls and returned them safe home. They rebuilt the ruined farm, then launched a terrible war against the bandits, killed Agni and Ramesh, and restored peace. The brothers Khan married the three girls and all lived happily ever after.


the author Dr. Mohsen El-Guindy is a scientist in genetics and works as a senior investigator in the Agricultural Research Center of the Ministry of Agriculture,
Egypt.In addition to scientific research, Dr. Mohsen El-Guindy writes novels and political and Islamic articles to explain Islam to the west. His articles are published in his blog at "" and mainly in his website titled "".