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Christian Fundamentals by Francisco Corton from AuthorPro Creatives and Marketing

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    USD 15.99
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    March 27, 2017

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AuthorPro Creatives and Marketing

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We are an independent online marketing company that assists authors in creating a platform to help them promote their book. We coordinate with different vendors that provides services and exposure to help them achieve their goals for it. We are a startup company therefore you can be assured t...

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This book is a guide to every basic biblical truth of a believer in Christ. The Bible may be like running through a great maze; it's easy to get lost in it and miss things. Contained in this book are the essential scriptural knowledge of every topic of Christianity in the most biblical, direct, and orderly form. It includes topics such as --salvation, --the Holy Spirit, --the law and sin, --the power of faith, --treatment of others, --prayer, --smoking and drinking, --being married or unmarried, and --many more! Don’t get lost in the maze for lack of knowledge. Be easily guided!