Tales of the Sentinel: Spectrum

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Tales of the sentinel is a series title about a mysterious alien presence in the form of what is commonly called “THE SENTINEL”. Although the sentinel never speaks or conveys’ its origins the gleaming megalith watches and to a certain extent controls the destinies of a sentient species who have evolved an understanding of physical grand unification. A scientific formula which describes the material that the universe is made of. In this first of the series. “SPECTRUM”, earthbound observers discover an alien object which upon investigation discloses the story of Venus and It’s final years of habitability. A complex plot of surrounding the Venusians ideas about their alien visitor (THE SENTINEL) leads to an aggressive rush to use it as a “RIGHTEOUS” means of escaping the fate of Venus. In the end, the sentinel is commandeered by the Venusians that have predicted the giant monolith will eventually arrive on earth at a moment in the future when its own evolving sentient bipedal species discover grand physical unification. When I began writing the story it was meant to only be a straight forward sci-fi fantasy taking the reader on a magical and colorful journey across an alien world. However, as I evolved the characters I saw a noticeable connection between them and the technology involved in the story. At this point in the process I realized that the technology had created numerous principle characters of its own. But I wanted to give the novel an organic feel to make it distinctively naturally. As the best as I could I have tried to avoid the usual bells and whistles of sci-fi/fantasy, the sparkly lights and aggressive transformations, which you would see in a modern screen series. I feel this has been achieved thanks to the believable nature of the technological characters that I have name augers. The purpose of my story is to make people think about the responsibilities that will be available to humanity should a formula describing physical grand unification be discovered, as it is likely that at some point in our future it will be. That is of course if we can survive our own stupidity (that is a plot line I have included within the progressive story.


It would be quite difficult to explain my story and route to becoming a writer with just a couple of paragraphs. In fact i would rather not discuss of the numerous life changing events that I have had to deal with on a form such as this. I apologize for my listless approach to that question but I promise that this is not an indication of any apathy towards the query. I just feel more comfortable talking about “me” face to face with people who can or wish to understand the subject of my life.