The Books of Norene I
"An imaginative and exciting fantasy adventure." Foreword Clarion Reviews
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Theft, bribes, war . . . The man behind all the trouble meets his match.

A necklace is hidden in the country of werewolves. How far would you go to get it? Would you steal it? Would you kill for it? Would you dethrone a king and cause a war? It seems there?s nothing that would stop a stranger with glowing green eyes, until a wolf finds the necklace by pure chance.

Now the werewolves have two things to get: the necklace from the wolf and the crown from the king. However, the wolf is difficult to find and the king doesn?t give up so easily. The king is determined to fight for his throne, and he is not alone. Others share the story: a notorious former pirate, a skinny old man with enough strength to hold two battle axes, and an unknown spy sending valuable and hopefully true information. And the wolf with the necklace can turn the scales to any side. Who will get to the wolf first? The king or the werewolves?

Exhibited At: International book fairs