A Diary of Epilepsy

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This book will showcase all my artworks from the past up to the present. A diary of my illness?that?s how I want to call these collections of artworks I made for about twenty years. I am forty-eight years old, and I have an illness called epilepsy with psychosis. I am from an Irish family, and we were raised with a Roman Catholic upbringing. I have eight siblings?five girls and three boys. I am currently living with my twin sister, who never failed to support me through ups and downs. During my teen years, my illness got worse because of my obsession with religion, Egyptians, and love. Through art, I am able to express what and how I feel. Art is my therapy, and cycling has helped me get out more and use energy to keep me going; it makes me feel better. As I am creating this book, I am still ill. I am very eager to publish this book because I want to inspire other people who may have the same experiences as mine. Illness, regardless of what it is, should not be the reason for us to feel bad about ourselves. I always believe that God created us with our own uniqueness that is worth sharing, and now I am sharing to you the perfect imperfection of myself through my art diary.

Exhibited At: International book fairs