Trying for Peace
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"Trying for Peace: Self-Actualization and World Federalism is the third book in a trilogy on what the world needs to do to save a political system that could collapse at any moment.

The first book, Self-Actualization: Theory and Technology, contained an entirely new discovery to explain how self-actualization is achieved. The second book, The Humanist Society, dealt with the social demands that are required to achieve self-actualization for the greatest number of people.

This final book explains how to spread self-actualization worldwide by creating a new system derived from human nature and suited to it?one defined by the virtues of a humanist democracy, peace, and permanence.

Taken as a whole, the trilogy contains a new theory of motivation in line with the work of Kurt Goldstein (1878?1965) and a new value system called the humanist code, which relies on the new theory of self-actualization by Goldstein.

If you?d like to see a democratic world federalism that relies on a new theory of human motivation that includes the world as a whole?both human and nonhuman?then you?ll treasure the insights in this book."

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