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Soaring by Jeanne Fiedler from Jeanne Fiedler

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    Xlibris Publishing
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    USD 15.99

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  • Jeanne Fiedler
Jeanne Fiedler

Offered By Jeanne Fiedler

I have both published books and have written all over the web. I try to write naturally, honestly and sincerely. I touch on subjects such as nature, spirituality, philosophy, politics, trauma, loss, grieving, growing, happiness, love and more. I have a Transformative Language Arts certificate that h...

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Soaring is a book full of life and different perspectives of it. It has all different kinds of poems including going on after traumas and love poems filled with joy. It brings up emotions and helps readers work through all kinds of difficulties. A great book worth every word.

A book full of language and discovery. Jeanne writes for compassion and love, joy and healing. She brings a new image and perception to life, a refreshing mindset, and a peaceful and gentle hope. Her poems touch everything and she treats her subject matter with honesty and clarity. Don't miss this new kind of poetic love.