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Mother Goose, Father Gander by Jeanne Fiedler from Jeanne Fiedler

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    Jeanne Fiedler
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    Blurb Publishing
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    USD 19.99

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  • Jeanne Fiedler
Jeanne Fiedler

Offered By Jeanne Fiedler

I have both published books and have written all over the web. I try to write naturally, honestly and sincerely. I touch on subjects such as nature, spirituality, philosophy, politics, trauma, loss, grieving, growing, happiness, love and more. I have a Transformative Language Arts certificate that h...

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A sweet children's book about geese and what loving and kind creatures they are. It has all the fun facts about them with pictures to go right along with the print. Great for P-5.

This is a great nature book for young children. It shows them how kind and loving geese really are. It shows their amazing qualities and how fun and nice it is to share their environment with them. The pictures are fun and move right along with the print. A great book to add to your collection. For young children P-4.