Century Sentence
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"This book uses humorous, witty, sharp, exaggerated, and miraculous writing style, which is so interesting and makes people belly laugh. Someone even laughed to tears. As an ironic book with strong logic and knowledge, this book enables readers to experience the happy life value and brings you endless wealth.

Don?t you believe that it can bring you wealth? Now Chinese tourists are the most popular around the world because of their strong purchasing power. Why is Chinese purchasing power so strong? Do you want to be as rich as Chinese? Just read this book, and you will find the secret and be enlightened.

As I can ensure social stability, economic development, well-off family, good social order, and absence of terrorist attack in China, I will make your countries see the same effect. Just follow my advice.

You might think that I am arrogant. Actually you are wrong; I am qualified to say so. I am the most influential civic opinion leader and strategic scholar in China.

I tried to put my judgments online, but only those who were more brilliant than geniuses agreed with me and took my advice. However, it really disappointed me that what the ordinary people accepted when they were confronted with truth and reality was authority; obviously, they gave up the former.

The only thing I can do is tell you what I have done and what contributions I have accomplished as well as how I verify my accomplishments, to make you trust me as a successful person, to believe in me and listen to me cautiously.

This book collected my comments and suggestions on all-important events which occurred in China and around the world from 2004 until now, which are also my appeals to God against the injustice and unfairness of the world.

Every article in the table of contents has its writing time marked so that you can verify my influence on the political situation of China and the world, according to the writing time of each article, my opinions, my suggestions, and dramatic change of the world political situation.

You can also verify how God has responded to my appeals and requests, according to the writing time of each article, my opinions, my suggestions, and dramatic change of the world political situation."

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