LaFayette-the novel

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“In my historic research,” explained author Grogan, “I was surprised to discover the central question becomes: was the Marquis de La Fayette a romantic adventurer or an ambitious cad? This is the mystery that readers must decide for themselves.”

“My goal”, said Grogan, “is to present a modern character study of Lafayette’s growth into the hero that Americans finally saw in him. Most historians accept without question what Lafayette himself wrote about his early youth and quickly move on to his time in the American Revolution. Yet, what was going on in France in the 1770’s was both fascinating in the terms of undercurrent turmoil amidst the Age of Enlightenment.”

“I believe my novel may show that historical fiction is more accurate to the times than the mythology created by historians who deal with limited facts. I seek to tie the loose ends of past guess work into acceptable reasoning of what might have occurred.”